Firing Services

Our firing services: 
We designed our firing services to be the most reliable and convenient to support you in your pottery practice. 
  • Our firing schedules are always on time. 
  • We also glaze your items for your convenience.
  • Since glaze application requires skill, in order to avoid mistakes when applying, we glaze your items for you, free of charge. 
How to book: 
  1. Fill up the booking form below 
  2. We will message you on Instagram to confirm your booking
  3. Drop off your pieces 1 day before your schedule
  4. Pick it up 1 day after your schedule 

Dates available for the month:
Glazes available: 
you can choose your glazes within the booking form.
You can also check out our drive for glazes:
Bumi and Ashe Glazes 

Book now by filling up the form below 

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