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3 hour session - beginner friendly

Wheel Throwing 101 in Cebu

Wheel Throwing 101 in Cebu

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This class is conducted on 2nd floor, J Block Building, Apitong St., Cebu City.

Wheel throwing is a technique of shaping ceramics using a potter's wheel. 

At the end of this class you'll learn the basic fundamentals of wheel throwing: 

  • How to prepare your clay and your body position
  • How to center, open and pull a wall and make a vessel, these are the most important fundamentals of using a wheel  before you make other objects.

Using a wheel is challenging at first but it is also very fulfilling. That's why for this class, we focus on building your foundations before moving on to more complicated works. 

We recommend this class if: 

  • 1. You're a beginner who may not have a prior experience with the potter's wheel before but want to try if this is something you'd like to pursue. 
  • 2. Someone who may have had experience with the wheel  but have not been successful with the fundamentals which results in unsuccessful work. 


  • 3 hours in person session
  • Use of potter's wheel
  • Fundamentals syllabus 
  • 1 kg stoneware clay
  • We will fire your pieces for free 
  • Glazing services
  • Pottery tools are available for use in studio 

*This is a public group class. 


Are there fixed schedules? Or can I book another date?

You may message us on Instagram if you want any other date.

If you’re a group of min 4, we’d be happy to open a schedule that is otherwise not available. 

What is your maximum capacity?

For the wheel class, our maximum capacity would be 10 pax.

Can we bring our final outcomes home? 

We will need to fire your pieces first before you are able to use them, the firing process will involve multiple stages like drying, and firing it twice which can take around 4-6 weeks. We will inform you when your works are ready for pick up.

Can I bring pets?

Yes of course. Our founder (Ashe) is actually a gray tabby cat. We love pets! Please bring your pets :) We also assume that you will be responsible for them and will not disrupt any other ongoing classes in the other classrooms. 

If we miss the class, can we refund? 

We do not do refunds. Please note that we are a small business and we have allotted time, space and an instructor for your company and convenience. But we know things can go wrong, especially during covid times. If you feel fuzzy, please help us out by letting us know in advance so that we can recalibrate. We will be happy to give you 1 reschedule. 

Can we give a downpayment to reserve?
We require full payment upon reservation as we need to say no to others who would like your slots. We accept BPI, BDO, Gcash. We hope you understand <3

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