Preorder: Birthday Cake
Preorder: Birthday Cake
Preorder: Birthday Cake

Preorder: Birthday Cake

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Handbuilt, made with Japanese clay.

The estimate time of preorder is 4- 6 weeks 


Width (including handle) : 6 inch

Height: 4 inch

Holds: ~500ml

We will be messaging you 1-2 days in advance to notify you that your item is ready for delivery

Because all of our pieces are handmade and not molded or commercially made, there will be slight differences to your piece such as but not limited to: size or shape of handles how they are attached, diameter or height

    Please note that there are imperfections such as hairline cracks. These are only superficial and do not affect the safety and functionality of the piece. 

    This piece is waterproof, food safe, lead free and microwave safe. 

    These are 100% handmade, unique and made in Manila.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us on Instagram @bumi.and.ashe and email at 
    Preorder: Birthday Cake