Pottery Studio Use

Pottery Studio Use

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Practice pottery at the Bumi & Ashe Studio located at the heart of the art district in Cubao Expo, Quezon City. 

What is included in Pottery Studio Use? 

  • Dedicated Pottery Wheel - if you have experience with a wheel, you may use a variety of wheels at the studio such as our Shimpo Wheels. 
  • Freely use pottery tools from ribs, wire cutters, trimming tools. We have branded tools from Mudtools and Xiem that you can experience.
  • Dedicated desk space - our tables are made custom for pottery from the height to the material 
  • Cleaning - freely make a mess, we got you! :) 
  • Shelves - our custom shelves can house your pieces to dry for a maximum of 30 days 
  • Damp Boxes - we will assign a damp box for you to store your pieces if you are slow drying them

Can I have a Pottery Teacher to guide me? 

  • Yes, we have 3 pottery teachers in the studio. You may avail of a "guided studio use" for P500 an hour and our teacher will help you during your practice. 

More information about the studio: 


  • You can enjoy 120 sqm of space which includes pottery wheels, handbuilding area, wedging table and a glazing area
  • Parking is available inside of Cubao Expo. If it is full, there is parking next door at Manhattan Parkway

Terms & Conditions:

  • Pottery is super fun, but you will be exposed to machines, sharp tools and chemicals. That's why, for your safety, we only allow studio use for anyone who has experience with pottery before. If you have done a workshop with us, or any other studio. You are very welcome! :)