Making Unique Vases (for beginners) with Mikee Naval
Making Unique Vases (for beginners) with Mikee Naval
Making Unique Vases (for beginners) with Mikee Naval

Making Unique Vases (for beginners) with Mikee Naval

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Hand building is a technique that allows you to create forms with clay and your hands, without using a wheel. Think of it as sculpting. Using your hands and tools provided to make mugs, plates and such.

© Cover photo by Aya Cabauatan

What you will learn: 

Vase Making

Pottery basics

  • Theory - stages of clay
  • Possible risks - managing cracks
  • Sketching, cutouts – for proportions

Building the Vase

  • Intro
    • Clay at good stage
    • Wedge / clay preparation
    • Base size in relation to scale and form of piece

  • Coiling Method
    • Making coils
    • First coil to base attachment
    • Compressing, attaching coils for a pot
    • Varying sizes and placement of coils to change directions 


  • 3 hours in-person session
  • 1.5kg white stoneware clay
  • glaze of your choice
  • Glaze service
  • Firing service
  • Pottery tools are available for use in studio 


What can we expect to make?
You’ll be able to make 1-2 unique vases at 6-9 inches based on your preference.

Do I have to take both classes (beginner and advanced)?
Not a requirement but the two classes have different curriculum that you may want to try.

Are we allowed to reschedule?
This is a one-time pop-up class, so rescheduling is not allowed.

Can we bring our final outcomes home? 

We will need to fire your pieces first before you are able to use them, the firing process will involve multiple stages like drying, and firing it twice which can take around 8-10 weeks. We will inform you when your works are ready for pick up.

Can I bring food or drinks? 

Yes, you can bring food or drinks. We also have an in-house coffee bar where you can buy drinks. You can even order from the dozens of restaurants around the Cubao Expo compound, and it will be delivered to you during your pottery session. Please give us a heads up so the teacher is informed :)

Can I bring pets?
Yes of course. Our founder (Ashe) is actually a gray tabby cat. We love pets! Please bring your pets :) We also assume that you will be responsible for them and will not disrupt any other ongoing classes in the other classrooms. 

If we miss the class, can we refund? 

We do not do refunds. Please note that we are a small business and we have allotted time, space and an instructor for your company and convenience. 

Can we give a downpayment to reserve?
We require full payment upon reservation as we need to say no to others who would like your slots. We accept BPI, BDO, Gcash. We hope you understand <3

    Making Unique Vases (for beginners) with Mikee Naval