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Bisque and Glaze Firing Service (Per Piece) 6-10 Inches in Height

Bisque and Glaze Firing Service (Per Piece) 6-10 Inches in Height

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What Cone?
Firing is Priced Per Inch in Width

How It Works:

  1. Measure the width of your piece. The number of inches is the quantity that you will input for this order.
  2. Pick a date when you need your pieces to be fired completely. The date you select will be the glaze firing date. 
  3. Wait for confirmation via Instagram.
  4. Drop off your pieces on the confirmed date.

Your pieces will be ready for pick up 3 days after the glaze firing date. 


We designed our firing services to be the most reliable and convenient to support you in your pottery practice. 

  • When do I drop off my pieces? 
    > Please wait for our message to confirm your drop off date. Our drop off times are Tuesdays to Sundays 10am to 5pm. 
  • What firing temperature should I choose? 
    > We recommend following your clay temperature. You may ask your clay supplier the temperature of your clay. If you are not sure, you can message us for recommendations. 
  • Do I need to go back there to glaze?
    > Nope, you just need to drop off your pieces and pick them up when they're ready. We will glaze them for you. If you want to glaze your own pieces, send us a message on Instagram so we can set up a time :) 
  • Can I go back after bisque to paint my pieces? 
    > Yes you can but we actually recommend you painting your pieces before firing (leather hard is best from our experience) the color comes out more vibrant based from our experiments. 
  • I want my pieces to be glazed a specific way (eg. inside is transparent glaze, outside is another glaze) Can you accommodate that?
    > Of course. Please message us your instructions on Instagram. 
  • I want a different glaze not just transparent
    > We have a wide range of glazes available for purchase. Check the them out here. Just message us on Instagram for your instructions. 

Terms & Conditions:

By submitting this order, you must agree to the terms and conditions of availing this service:
  • I understand that there might be cracks or broken pieces because of air bubbles or water in my clay
  • I understand that uneven walls might lead to warping or cracking due to uneven drying
  • I understand that there might be hairline cracks especially in the joints of my attachments (due to uneven drying)
  • I understand that the temperature of my clay matches the temperature I procured from the Bumi team and I will shoulder any damage caused in the event that my clay doesn't match the cone which caused it to melt on the kiln shelves
  • I understand that if I do not use the Bumi & Ashe glazes that I must wax at least 1 inch from the table to avoid dripping and sticking on the shelf
  • I understand that the glaze might craze or shiver because of the nature of glazes
  • I understand that potters have a fail-rate and the average is 20-30% for beginners meaning 2 out of 10 of my pieces might not make it
  • I fully understand the risks of firing and that the Bumi team will do their best to control no matter how little that can be controlled in ceramics and I do not hold them liable for any failures in my works
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