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Full Course (4 Sessions)

Full Course (4 Sessions)

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Credit card payment is accepted upon checkout.

Your full course session dates need to be scheduled within 2 months of the first date. 

How to book:

Schedule your time for your Session 1 here, add to cart and pay for this product

You can also book all your sessions at once here 

Please note that: 
- Session 2 and 3 must be 1 week apart maximum
- Session 3 and 4 must be 1 week apart minimum 


4 sessions (3 hours each)

Over this 4-session workshop, we will walk you through every fundamental technique of wheel throwing, in-depth. From the position of your body, preparing your clay, trimming your piece, attaching handles, painting your works, sculpting to applying your glaze. We'll make sure you will understand what to do and why you're doing it.

Output will be mugs, bowls and plates. 

After this workshop, you'll leave the class with a solid introduction to wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques

Session 1: Handbuilding
Session 2: Wheel Throwing 101
Session 3: Trimming
Session 4: Glazing 

This class is for you if you are a beginner who wants to have an in-depth understanding of the process of wheel throwing. As well as for those who has had experience with clay before, but have not been successful or lacked information from their previous experience.


  • 5kg of white stoneware clay  -- you will be able to make around 6-8 pieces 
  • 10% off open studio use
  • 4 underglaze set (paint for ceramics) packaged at 3ML each
  • Transparent Glaze -- we have other colored glazes priced in the studio if you'd like something more colorful 
  • Firing of 6-8 pieces made during the class

Our team will reach out to you when your pieces are ready for pick up. Usually around 3-4 weeks post-class.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message us on Instagram and we will reply to you ASAP. 

*This is a public group class.


Are there fixed schedules? Or can I book another date?

We have fixed schedules. For other dates, you may send us a message on instagram and we'll try our best to accommodate your preferred date.

The 4 sessions of this course must be finished within 6 months. Unfinished pieces after 6 months will be discarded to make room for other works :)

Can we bring our final outcomes home? 

We will need to fire your pieces first before you are able to use them, the firing process will involve multiple stages like drying, and firing it twice which can take around 6-8 weeks. We will inform you when your works are ready for pick up.

Can I bring food or drinks? 

Yes you can bring food or drinks. You can even order from the dozens of restaurants around the Cubao Expo compound and it will be delivered to you during your pottery session. Please give us a heads up so the teacher is informed :)

Can I bring pets?
Yes of course. Our founder (Ashe) is actually a gray tabby cat. We love pets! Please bring your pets :) We also assume that you will be responsible for them and will not disrupt any other ongoing classes in the other class rooms. 

If we miss the class, can we refund? 

We do not do refunds. Please note that we are a small business and we have allotted time, space and an instructor for your company and convenience. But we know things can go wrong, especially during covid times. If you feel fuzzy, please help us out by letting us know in advance so that we can recalibrate. We will be happy to give you 1 reschedule. 

Can we give a downpayment to reserve?
We require full payment upon reservation as we need to say no to others who would like your slots. We accept BPI, BDO, Gcash. We hope you understand <3

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