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Handbuilding Workshop

Handbuilding Workshop

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Hand building is a technique that allows you to create forms with clay and your hands, without using a wheel.

Think of it as sculpting. Using your hands and tools provided to make anything under the sun

This is a great bonding activity for couples, friends and family vs. our wheel-throwing class because wheel is a bit more challenging and requires more focus. It's also great if you'd like to continue afterwards as it doesn't require buying expensive tools like a potter's wheel.

What can we make? 

  • Vases 
  • Lidded Jars
  • Goblets
  • Pitcher or Carafe
  • Candle Holders
  • Elevated Pet Bowl or Slow Feeder 
  • +++ 

 What you will learn: 

  1. Introduction on pottery
  2. How to prepare your clay
  3. The 7 stages of clay 
  4. Pinching method
  5. Slab method
  6. Coiling
  7. Painting with underglaze


  • 3 hours in person session
  • Enough clay for you to make 3 mid-sized pieces, or 1 big piece (ie. Vase) 
  • 4 colors of your choice for painting
  • Glaze service (we will glaze it for you using transparent glaze)
  • Bisque and Glaze
  • Firing service
  • Pottery tools are available for use in studio 

*This is a public group class. If you want to book a private class, the minimum is 4 pax. Kindly message us on Instagram if you want to make your class private.


What's the difference between this class and a mug making class? 

With mug making, you have 2 hours to make 1 mug. With this handbuilding class, you have more time (3 hours) and have more outputs (3 pieces depending on your speed) to choose from: a vase, lidded jars, carafes, even non-functional sculptures. Just let your teacher know what you want to make and she will teach you the techniques and how to achieve it. 

Are there fixed schedules? Or can I book another date?

If you have a specific date in mind (like your anniversary), please message us on Instagram so we can check for you the availability. 

Can we bring our final outcomes home?

We will need to fire your pieces first before you are able to use them, the firing process will involve multiple stages like drying, and firing it twice which can take around 4-6 weeks. We will inform you when your works are ready for pick up.

Clay is unlimited during this session. So don't worry if you make a mistake, we can always provide more clay. At the end of the session, you are to pick 3 pieces you'd like us to fire for you and take home.

Can I bring food or drinks? 

Yes you can bring food or drinks. You can even order from the dozens of restaurants around the Cubao Expo compound and it will be delivered to you during your pottery session. Please give us a heads up so the teacher is informed :)

Can I bring pets?
Yes of course. Our founder (Ashe) is actually a gray tabby cat. We love pets! Please bring your pets :) We also assume that you will be responsible for them and will not disrupt any other ongoing classes in the other class rooms. 

If we miss the class, can we refund? 

We do not do refunds. Please note that we are a small business and we have allotted time, space and an instructor for your company and convenience. But we know things can go wrong, and things happen! Please help us out by letting us know in advance. We will be happy to give you 1 reschedule. 

What is your maximum capacity?

Our studio is 100-200 sqm and we are able to serve 50 guests maximum! :) If you have a big group, send us a message on Instagram so we can specialize the space for you. 

Can we give a downpayment to reserve?
We require full payment upon reservation as we need to say no to others who would like your slots. We accept Credit Cards, BPI, BDO, GCash and more.

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